Machine for hardback

SKU: M-0102

Machine for hardback

The main purpose of this ,achine is in graphuc industry for making book covers (hard binding).
Machine is often used in making registrars insert, notebook hard covers, school dayaries, photo albums etc.

Machine has two parts:
-First, which put warm glue on the covering (paper, hamplast, linen/canvas, leather or artificial leather)
-Second, where covering and carton are packed and in two automatic cycles stick together and fold every of 4 edges

The advantage of this procedure over the manual work is:
-The highest quality of hard cover (since pressing of 8 passing though the rollers)
-Great preciseness
-High capacity.

Maximal format: 730 mm
Kapacity: 80 - 150 covers/h
Installed power: 380v/3,5 kw
Dimensions: 2000 mm x 2000 mm

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