Machine for cold plastification

SKU: M-0104


This machine is used in:
-graphic industry and
-industry of (paper) packaging materials.

In graphic industry, the main purpose of this machine is weather influence protection of printing materials. After printing, machine covers (laminates) the paper with polypropylen foil using cold glue.

Foil and glue are completely in compliance with ecological requirements.

Plastification is used for:
•the highest quality and better protection of printed materials (in graphic industry)
•protection of packaging materials and enhance its moisture resistance as well as physical performances (in industry of packaging materials)
•special inner protection of packaging materials for moisture resistance (in food&candy industry)

It is possible to make plastification of boxes with window (to enable seeing what is inside the box).
Machine needs only one person for serving.
Input of paper is manual. Foil is packed in rolls, paper packed in sheets.
At first, choice has to be made:
-covering foil with glue (in case of standard plastification)
-covering paper/carton with glue (in case of plastification of packaging materials, box with window).
During the work, machine rolls plastified formats on output roller where formats stay awhile for penetration in order to finish sticking. Than, on separate stand, manually or by machine formats are turning into sheets again.

Maximal working size: B1(730mm) working width
Continual speed regulation: 0 25 m/min
Minimal paper gramature: 40 g
Minimal thickness of foil: 12 µm
Kapacity: 500 1500 formats /h
Installed power: 220v/400W
Dimensions: 2500 mm x 980 mm

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