Machine for stitching of cardboard and paper

SKU: M-0105

This machine is used in graphic industry and industry of carton packaging materials.
Machine sticks paper on carton (various types of carton).

Before sticking paper on carton, do printing on paper. It enables the highest quality of printing, the best visual effects in the cheapest way possible.

Machine is served by two workers: one is inserting paper and the other one is inserting carton.
Machine itself enables following: preciseness of tightness, takeover the carton, put glue over carton, process control by sensors and 4-time pressing of paper and carton.

Machine capacity: 600 1000 sheets/h
Working width: 730 mm
Working speed: 0 25 m/min
Working process: sheet-sheet
Installed power: 220v/550w
Dimensions: 2500 mm x 1100 mm

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